Are you a talented local artisan who is intersted in selling your products at Reclaimed Rose? If so please read through the guidelines on this page and download the contract. If you feel like you would be a good fit at Reclaimed Rose, please apply using the form below. 

Qualifications to be a featured artisan at Reclaimed Rose (updated 3/15/2018):

  • All artisans must hand create at least 50% of their products. On some occasions vintage items will be accepted. 
  • All artisans must have a social media presence. This means at least Twitter or Facebook. However, we suggest as many media platforms as possible be utilized (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc). We also recommend utilizing an Etsy page, personal website or blog. 
  • All artisans must be willing to refer customers to Reclaimed Rose via word of mouth and social media. Reclaimed Rose is considered an 'artisan collaborative' in which all featured artisans work to draw customer to the shop and take an active role in advertising and promoting the shop as a whole. 
  • We work to offer a variety of products without creating too much competition among the featured artisans. Even though you may have an excellent product, if we already carry something similar, we limit the number of overlapping product categories and will not be able to accept your product at that time. 
  • The items you create must fit the overall look and feel of Reclaimed Rose. We feature a curated collection of fashion and home goods, with an overall whimsical, feminine and bohemian feel. All submitted items must fit with the vibe. 
  • The items we feature must also be priced in comparison with other items in the shop. We work hard to avoid undercutting other artisans, yet not out price our customers. 
  • Reclaimed Rose accepts items on consignment, meaning that a portion of the sale of goods is retained by Reclaimed Rose. Because we do not charge rent, spacial considerations and amount of inventory accepted is solely at the discretion of Reclaimed Rose. Reclaimed Rose also controls merchandising and displays of artisan goods.
  • While we strive to keep items local, we are not opposed to offering items from other makers who are not within driving distance. Please keep in mind that the shipping of products for inventory is the responsibility of the artisan and price points must still fall within the parameters of the shop. 

Please read the contract below prior to applying to be an artisan. 

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If you have additional photos that you would like me to see, please email them as an attachment to reclaimedrose@gmail.com