Vintage, Boho and Pretty Jewelry

Day two at Reclaimed Rose is here and I was super excited to come home to a shipment of new jewelry last night! I quickly got it all out on the floor and wanted to give everyone a little snippet of just some of the jewelry I have for sale. 

All of the jewelry displayed on these branches was designed and created by Jenn Stofko Artwork. In the background you can see embellished leather cuffs that I created. They are a mix of feminine, vintage and rustic. These are very stylish going into fall. 

Check out these awesome bohemian festival watches. These were a big hit at the opening yesterday. The Penny Luna earrings are new today and I absolutely love the vintage look. 

Western style beaded cuffs and other jewelry featuring arrows, oversized medallions and delicate beading really transition well from summer to fall too. 

I up cycled these vintage plastic bangles with fabric to create a softer and unique look. Along side them are various cuffs and more vintage and vintage inspired bracelets. 

So, if you have a special occasion or you are looking to expand your accessory wardrobe, please stop in. Everything is very reasonably priced and some pieces are available by custom order!