Fairies and Fairy Tales

I have always loved all things whimsical - fairies, gnomes, elves, storybooks, animals, florals, the list goes on. As I dwindle down on creating Halloween/fall decor I wanted to create a few items that were less scary, and more whimsical. I also wanted to create a few more examples of paper cone wreaths for my class tonight. So, here is what I came up with: 

First off, I decided to create a Madeline wreath using the classic story book. I have always loved Madeline, from the French setting, to the moody colors with pops of yellow. I decided to use the side of the cone with the "opening" towards the back so you can see more of the whimsical illustrations. This is an excellent idea for anyone using illustrated books for a cone wreath, because you want as much of the image to show as possible. I made the circumference of this wreath very tight, creating a more three dimensional look, like a flower popping off the wall. I finished it off with a handmade Madeline paper bow. I originally saw these types of bows made out of old comic book sheets and Vintage VanBlair. After the owner told me how simple they were I decided to do a little research and self taught. Gotta love Pinterest. 

So now I am in a bow making frenzy! These are so adorable and can be made out of any type of paper - sheet music, book pages, scrapbook paper, magazines... And I have been experimenting with pinwheels, rosettes and bow ties too. This really inspired me to do a gift decorating class later on this year focusing on bows and tags, but more on that later. 

Next I created this Sleeping Beauty themed wreath. I was not planning on making the wreath, but I made the pinwheel with a 3-D Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip on it and then I just had to make the wreath. I love the juxtaposition of the bright and light fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, if you remember) with the darkness of Malificent and the dragon. These wreaths are great for kids rooms, nurseries, playrooms, classrooms, ect. It is a great alternative to plain old framed print and gives a lot of dimension to a space. 

I create several items in the store from old books and I get asked time and time again "Do you ever feel guilty tearing up books?" And my answer is always "No way!" The books I use are from the Habitat for Humanity Re-use Store, Good Will, The Salvation Army and Mr. Darby's Emporium. Sometimes it is hard to find the storybooks (especially Little Golden's), but I recently found that Mr. Darby's has a huge stash in the back, starting at only 25 cents. A lot of these books are torn up, written with crayon and just plain unwanted. Reader's Digests are found all over the place and they are so beautiful. They have bright colored and patterned hard covers, metallic writing on the binding and really unique illustrations inside. If they are not purchased they may ultimately end up in a landfill. So, I never feel guilty for tearing up books, and neither should you, crafty readers. 

Next comes the fairy inspired decor. I wanted something that could be for Halloween, or used year round, for those of us that love the mythologies and whimsicality of it all. I decided to create bottled fairy essence, wings and dust out of old spice jars. What is fairy essence you ask? Well, it is a combination of fairy artifacts that correspond with the fairy that 'blessed' the bottle. Artifacts include feathers, colorful rocks and acorns, floral tidbits and other nature inspired elements. Each one comes with a tiny scroll giving a fairy name and information about it, and they smell very good too. 

You may think I am pretty clever coming up with all of this fairy information, however, I must admit I stumbled upon a fairy name generator and got a lot of ideas from that. I got a lot of kicks out of the generator, so if you are bored, check it out

And finally, I am including two pics of handmade Jewelry by Jenn Stofko Artwork. Jenn is an amazing designer/artist from Poland, OH who creates whimsical and nature inspired jewelry and artwork. I love the ethereal feel of these pieces - very Fairy Chic! (I made that up LOL).