Holiday Home

The other day I visited my good friend, Holly Tripp, for a casual lunch at her home. Some of you may know or recognize Holly's name from the shop. She sells hand mades under the brand name "Glittered Lucille".  Holly has a unique and beautiful style that I have always admired. So, I decided to take some photos of her home and write a little blog about them. I hope you enjoy. 

Regardless of the season, Holly always has her landscaping and front door decorated. This understated wreath and pine planter with Santa sign set a welcoming tone. I just loved the how the berries on this bush, which is the cornerstone of her front yard, gave a natural nod to Christmas time. 

Upon entering Holly's home you will quickly identify her style as a bit European and shabby. She loves her collections - family photos are grouped together and surrounded by larger ornate frames. Madonna and Sacred Heart statues gather on her mantle, dining room shelves and throughout her sun room. 

Holly's dining room features a grouping of her favorite items with pops of teal blue. She had just purchased this beautiful blue pedestal bowl with a Sacred Heart at the Youngstown Flea the previous weekend. She drapes beautiful rosaries around her Madonna statues, which area  signature staple at the Tripp residence.

Tiny vintage houses are vignetted throughout Holly's home. They are so whimsical - I love how she pairs them with pastel and bright colored bottle brush trees. This little cutie is displayed under a glass cloche on a side table between her living and dining room.  


Collected books and precious little items are stored within a pretty glass door cupboard. Every piece of furniture in Holly's home has beautiful knobs and this is no exception. 

Holly's sunroom also features a beautiful pink vintage tree. She found it a few weeks ago at the Salvation Army. It is so beautiful and soft. She added warm white lights and a bit of shimmery trimmings. You can see it from the front of the house and it is just as cute outside as it is inside.


Every photo in her home tells a story, every item has a history... a vintage gift box that holds a pair of gloves her grandfather bought for her grandmother, a vintage porcelain elf figurine that has been in her family for years, and so on. 

I was coveting this little house to the right. I adore the striped roof, the hints of metallic gold and the reindeer on the front porch.  Holly was nice enough to gift me an identical brown reindeer. I can't wait to add him to my own decor. 

And in case you were wondering, she didn't leave out the bathroom. This beautiful glass shelf sits above the toilet, proving that no area goes untouched for the Tripp's holidays. 


I made the pink tray with vintage ephemera. Holly purchased it and used it in her bathroom along with a candle holder from Reclaimed Rose. She added beautiful bottle brush trees and faux greenery and pretty holiday soap. 

This Sacred Heart statue was a gift I brought for Holly. I had just found it at the Salvation Army before I came over. I couldn't believe my luck. It fit right into her collection. I loved the peach fabric cape with beading. I love the pale pinks/peaches and robin's eggs blues that Holly has incorporated into her holiday decor. 

Holly and I both share a love of vintage. Many of her holiday and everyday decorations are found at various flea markets and antique shops in her local area, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Columbus. We also frequent Ragon House - a wonderful wholesale company located about an hour away from Columbiana. They have a great selection of vintage inspired merchandise and have bi-annual sales in which they incorporate designer selected vintage merchandise into their sale offerings. 

Like most of us, Holly orients her Christmas tree in front of her living room picture window. She and her family pick out a real tree together every year. Her tree is full of ornaments with a sentimental meaning and each one has it's own unique story. 

Holly's sunroom is probably my favorite room in her home. It is so soft and feminine. And since three out of four walls are windows, light comes in and truly makes her beautiful trinkets and treasures glow. Above and to the left are two of her Madonnas. One was gifted to her by myself. I found it in my husband's grandmother's front yard when we were cleaning her house out. It was weathered from being outside, but it just added to the character. 

Holly's kitchen is the heart of the home. It is so festive, regardless of what time of year. She has little nooks and crannies with treasures from years past that fill the space. 

Antique ornaments, bottle brush trees and stuffed Christmas decorations fill in built in shelves behind Holly's kitchen table. Little villages of cardboard houses are found throughout her home. And nothing would be complete without her favorite thing of all... glitter. 

Holly is one of the few people I know who even changes out her kitchen curtains for Christmas. This beautiful vintage candy cane fabric adds such a hint of cheer to the windows, which overlook a beautiful wooded backyard. 

I adore Holly's bathroom. Although I didn't get a shot of the whole room (I felt I was being invasive enough), I do truly love examining it. Not because it is updated, with modern amenities and luxuries - because it is not. It is simple and humble. I adore it because it is original to its era with pink tile work and the original wooden vanity and light fixture- and Holly has made it work. While most people would immediately demand a 'gut job', Holly has perfectly complimented it with other vintage era decorations and beautiful handmade curtains. There is so much character and she stages it well.

Every bedroom in Holly's home also has a Christmas tree. This is a photo of the tree in her youngest daughter's room. Her two girls collect their own ornaments and decorate their own trees every year. 

To the left is a photo I took as I was leaving Holly's home. I hope everyone enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. Happy Holidays!