You Dream It, We Create It

At the Reclaimed Rose we currently have four talented artisans (besides myself) who provide one of a kind unique items that are for sale at the shop. In September we will be expanding to six. What some people may not realize is that these women all have the ability to create something customized just for you, to fit your needs and design preferences. I just wanted to take time to recognize each one of them and give a description of the types of items they offer. 

First I will start off with Ellie Speck of Grapevine Lane Art and Books . Ellie combines her love of both wine and books to create beautiful pieces. She uses recycled bottles to create tiny smooth pieces of glass resembling sea glass and then mosaics those pieces onto vases, candle holder, trays, picture frames, ornament, wall hangings and flower pots. The result is quite striking, especially as light reflects through the glass. Here are a few examples of her custom pieces, including a wedding present she created for my husband featuring a metal engraving. 

Ellie also offers faux wine barrel heads stenciled with custom text. Since wine barrels are not readily available in large quantities she uses wooden bases that look quite similar and applies a custom message before staining and sealing. These barrel heads can be designed using custom fonts and stains. They can be used as wall hangings, centerpiece decor, and even as a guest book alternative at a wedding. They also make great anniversary gifts or signs for bars and man caves. 

Jenn Stofko is another talented artist who creates beautiful and colorful watercolor artwork and handmade jewelry pieces. She can paint just about anything you can imagine, from a stylized portrait of a loved one or a pet, to a landscape, to replicating a beautiful image you found online. She can take an idea and really run with it. She also creates resin pieces of jewelry, which allows her to encapsulate an image within a metal shape, similar to that of a locket.  

Lisa Leasure does amazing work with metal wire, creating adorable cursive words and names that can be added to wreaths, hangers and other home decor. What started out as a hobby to create decorations for her granddaughter, Skylar, turned in to Skye's the Limit creations, and Lisa keeps expanding her inventory to incorporate new innovations. 

Pictured above, you see an adorable hanger made for a couple. Lisa can alter the ribbon, beads, heart and saying by custom order (for example with  "bride", "bride to be", "Mrs. ...." or just a first name). These are great gifts for not only a bride to be, but could also be used and a bridesmaid gift or a cute gift for a little girl. She can also make wall hangings like the the middle picture, using a favorite quote, words to a song, etc. The third picture features a sign she very kindly made for the shop. These signs are created using distressed fencing wood and beautiful colorful beads, which you can choose a color scheme if you would like. She also has a few "Welcome" signs for sale at the shop, which would look great on a door or wall. 

Granny's Crafts are created by Karen Humphrey, my grandma :) She can create this pretty little necklaces in custom colors. She will be expanding her inventory this fall to include flouncy crochet scarves. 

So now to me.... what do I do? Well, I create a variety of things. I have never been one to create just one item in bulk. I like to go the thrift store, find items that need a little love and re-do them. I also like to play around with my artistic ability, and when I get inspired by things I see out in stores or online,  I will draw and paint. I really enjoy making functional items for people, such as jewelry holders, organizers and repainting furniture. Since I have opened the shop I have taken a few custom orders. Basically, people will stroll through the shop, find something they like and ask if I can tweak it to perfectly fit within their home. This really keeps me on my toes and is something I really enjoy. Here are a few examples of a few things I made this past week. 

The first picture  is of a custom bow holder I created for a customer with a baby girl. She wanted something to perfectly match the delicate pink and gold shabby chic design of her baby's nursery. I used an old frame which I custom painted, burlap flowers, coordinating ribbon and a really cute crochet heart that can hold additional pony tales, a comb or other accessories. 

The next picture is a piece that a customer requested after seeing a few of the hand painted/decopauged trays I created in the shop. Hey, why not incorporate an inside joke or something silly to a piece of decor? It's your home and it should be an expression of you and your likes, right? 

The next piece was requested by a customer who saw this saying on a tiny plaque at a mall boutique. She really liked it but was turned off by the boutique's high price for such a tiny canvas.  So, I got to work and thought it would be cool to put the saying in the image of a mirror. Now, I am just searching for the perfect frame. 

And finally, I made a custom jewelry holder based upon a few I had hanging in my shop. A customer really wanted it to match her bedroom which she had just repainted and redecorated. So I got to work, creating this out of a reclaimed drawer and vintage knobs. 

So, there you have it... just about everything in the store is customizable, and very reasonably priced I might add. So, next time you need something for your home, or a gift, keep us in mind! 

PS: Two new artisans were referenced in the beginning of the blog. They include M.A.D Creations, and mother and daughter collaboration of Phyllis Powell and Missy Ruth, featuring primitive inspired signs, rustic arrows, and hand cut paper artwork. The second is Lisa Clear of Orange Willow Designs LLC, a very talented photographer, graphic artist, jewelry maker and modern artist.  Below is a sneak peek of what is to come.

M.A.D. Creations

Orange Willow Designs LLC