Happy Holidays, from our Homes to Yours

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Next stop on this tour is my home. My favorite animal is deer, so I tend to use deer in my decor year round. I also collect little vintage figurines, the more whimsical the better. I love a mix of scandinavian/nordic, shabby chic and pretty pastels for winter. Most of my office is decorated in a boho/winter wonderland theme, and I leave the decorations up year round because I adore them so much. 

I love the softness that pillows add to holiday decor. I add many more pillows and blankets for snuggly nights in. I am also quite fond of little stuffed animals, like these Annalee dolls, which I scored one from a garage sale and one from TJ Maxx this year! The glitter deer was a gift from Holly Tripp and the deer head was a gift from Kim Ohlin, who were mentioned previously in this blog. 

The above photos are from my home craft room. As you can see, I love animals, cloth dolls and deer! The wooden cabinet was made by my grandfather many years ago and now holds craft supplies. 

I also wanted to take a small portion of this blog to address outside decorating (although that could be a blog on its own). These photos are from my friend and loyal customer, Melissa, who has a green thumb! Her tip for the season: 

Why waste beautiful dried foliage, dazzle it with some sugared extras!
— Melissa Macejko

Melissa brought life back to these autumn arrangements by adding new greenery and sugared fruit. Her daughter is also a wonderful ice skater, and she adds a personal touch by hanging a pair of ice skates on her porch near her front door. Handmade wreaths adorn each window and her gorgeous tree lights up her front picture window. 

Last but not least, I would like to mention my very talented customer, Amy. As a customer I have gotten to know Amy for her love of vintage ephemera, trimmings unique paper goods. This year, Amy shared several of her gift wrapping photos with me and I was truly overwhelmed with their beauty. She has used a neutral color palette with kraft paper and wreath and paper doilies, then added unique baubles, natural details and buttons. To Amy, the presentation is part of the present, and I believe anyone would be overjoyed to receive one of these gifts!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog! I want to say thank you to all those who contributed photographs. Each person has such a unique look and they are beautiful. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about one of your special decorations or traditions.