Reclaimed Rose is looking for a few lovely reps to promote the store throughout social media with gorgeous photographs! The first term for this round of reps will be for a two month term from May 1st to June 30th 2018 and we are considering local reps only. 

What reps will receive: a product package each month containing a few *FREE* items from the shop and a discount on all purchases made in the shop, on social media and on Etsy. 


What I expect from reps: I need you to be a Reclaimed Rose hype man/woman! I expect at least one photo on your feed per week on each platform featuring the items I have sent you, along with proper tags and information indicating where you can purchase the item. 

What I am taking into consideration: The quality of your photos, number of followers and interaction with your followers! Bonus points go to bloggers who are willing to feature products in their blogs, and those who are willing to feature their posts on multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). I am looking for shots of actual humans using the products and lifestyle shots. 

Other conditions: 
This round is only open to those who live locally and are willing to pick up their monthly merchandise pack at the shop.
Must be 18 or older
Submit your entry by April 15, 2018

Please note, I am sure everyone who applies is lovely and I apologize if I cannot pick you this time around. If you are chosen you will receive a follow up email by April 21, 2018. If you are not chosen, feel free to apply again during the next rep search! 

How to apply: Please fill out the form below and remember that  I want to see that you love Reclaimed Rose and are excited about this! 

Name *
For example: Where are you from? Do you have kids or pets? What kind of merchandise do you feel you can photograph well? What are you into?
Please submit in the following format: Instagram - MUST BE SET TO PUBLIC VIEWING Twitter - MUST BE SET TO PUBLIC VIEWING Facebook - POSTS MUST BE SET TO PUBLIC VIEWING Tumblr Snap Chat Blog Website Any additional (describe)