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Resin Tray Crafting Class

Cookie season is fast upon us and  soon we will all be visiting family and friends, as well as, entertaining at our own homes. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to present your cookies or deserts on a washable tray that you can say you designed and hand made all on your own?

In this class you will be able to embellish either a wood or metal tray and then poor a resin treatment over it to create a permanent, protected decoration within the tray. 

What is resin? Resin is a material that can come naturally from plants or through chemical compounds, commonly found in plastics and paints. Humans have been using natural resins for thousands of years. Pine pitch has been used to seal boats, mummies, food containers, and an assortment of other things. It has also been used as a component in varnish, lacquer, inks, perfumes, jewelry, and many other objects. With human technological advances came the realization that this material could be formulated into polymers, and the discovery of synthetic resins followed shortly after. 

Some ideas for the trays: 

  • Holiday theme - use holiday paper, ornaments and decorations
  • Birthday theme - create a birthday tray to bring out for a birthday occasion in your family
  • Monogram theme - incorporate a family monogram, crest or last name into the tray
  • Memory theme - do you have the old cufflinks your grandfather used to wear, or a pair of mom's old costume jewelry? Immortalize it within your tray. Keep the tray on your vanity or bedside table. Trays can also be wall mounted. 
  • Santa theme - Have your kids write an early Christmas list or letter to santa and then add it to your tray. 
  • Religious theme - Bring your favorite prayer, an extra rosary or image to add to your tray. This tray would be great on a prayer table. 

All class fees must be paid in advance to reserve your spot. You may reserve your spot by calling the shop at 330-892-8932 with your credit card information, or stop by during normal business hours. If you reserve a spot and find you cannot make this class please call no less than 2 days before the time of the class. If you give 2 days cancellation notice, your payment will be used as a credit toward another class of your choosing within the following 12 months. If you do not give 2 days cancellation notice you will forgo your payment. 

# of seats available: 8 -- CLASS IS FILLED!

cost of class: $30

materials that will be provided: up cycled tray, paint, paper and miscellaneous items for embellishment, resin

materials you will need to bring: anything specific you may want to add. Please note that the "soft cure" time for resin is 24 hours and the "hard cure" time for resin is 72 hours. If you are planning on transporting your tray home with you that night please bring a secure box to set your tray in while you drive. Otherwise, you can leave your tray at Reclaimed Rose and pick it up after it has cured. 

preparation: Any paper item that you will be adding to your tray must be sealed PRIOR to the class. You can do this by applying a decoupage medium, such as mod podge, to the FRONT AND BACK of the paper. If you would like, I can do this for you in advance, please just bring your items to the shop prior to the class. If need be, we can seal your paper at the beginning of class but this will delay your time for creating your tray.Also, keep in mind glue and resin will be used - could damage acrylic nails, must be careful when using. Ages 14 and older please. Guests may bring their own drinks and snacks (wine is OK for those of age).

enrollment begins: September 1

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