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Art Journal Guild (On-going Workshop)

  • Reclaimed Rose 10 N Main St Columbiana, OH 44408 USA (map)

This Art Journaling Guild will be an ongoing workshop. A schedule will be determined at our first class, which will be on Sunday January 10 from 6-8pm. During the first class, each participant will receive an art journal, specific for mixed media projects. The first class will cost $20 and will include the actual journal and the materials needed for the first project. After the initial class, subsequent classes will cost between $5-10 based on the cost of materials. At times, participants may be asked to bring their own materials in lue of a class fee. The first class will be held at Reclaimed Rose. Subsequent classes may be held at other locations if agreed upon by the participants. Those who want to start a journal do not have to be present for every class and are not required to prepay for a class, but please give advance notice as to whether or not you can attend so that supplies and materials can be organized. 

This will be a mix of a journal, scrapbook, planner and art project all rolled into one. It will be away to chronicle your life in a beautiful, personal and untraditional way.

How would this work? 
Basically I would create a "class" schedule. I use the term "class" loosley because although I will be showing you the medium we will be using and how to apply it, you will be using your own unique vision to create a work of art. Some of the techniques I have in mind are: 
- Mixed media (cut outs from various other paper sources)
- Paint, pastels, dyes, stamps, etc
- "Between the Lines" techniques (isolating specific words out of old book pages and then filling in the rest of the space with art)
-Planner pages - summarizing your month with a monthly snapshot calendar, focusing on milestones and highlights
.... these are just some of the ideas... the list goes on and on... my brain is a deep sea of crafts.

I will also come up with some interim "assignments" to work on during the days in between classes and then we can share our works with other class members next time we meet. These activities are voluntary and are just designed to keep your creative juices flowing. 


# of seats available: 6

cost of class: $20 (initial class)

materials that will be provided: art journal, medium for the first project

materials you will need to bring: your wonder, amazing and creative mind

preparation: no prep -  Mature children only . Guests may bring their own drinks and snacks (wine is OK for those of age).

enrollment begins: December 26

This will be the visual journal that we use throughout this class. The spiral binding enables us to open it all the way and keep it open while we create artwork. The pages are designed for mixed media, which is what we need for all the different methods we will be using. The size is 1 inch larger than a standard sheet of paper so it is large enough for us to create detailed works of art. 

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